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Rock the Ages™ Collection
A collaboration with the colours of Mother Nature and Old World charm ---Paul

SG, 30x30

R3FL3CTION™ Collection
The R3FL3CTION™ Collection completes my misson to blend a love of the
instrument that rocks the world and pay a subtle tribute to the iconic album cover
art I enjoyed growing up in the haydays of 33RPM vinyl. Bold lines flow on large
format defining simple guitar apointments illuminated using a limited color palette
 selected from the album's cover art. It's never too loud ---Paul

muse: Stg. Pepper's Lonely  Hearts Club Band album cover art

Hammer of the Godz™ Collection
R O C K,  B L U E S,  C O U N T R Y,  JAZZ  &  A L T E R N A T I V E

The Hammer of the Godz™ Collection is comprised of abstracts of the iconic
 instrument that rocks the world. These works have been dedicated to some of
the most talented players in their genre. Born through photo alchemy and
to life on one of several modern and traditional fine art mediums, using today's
technology enables me to create original works
too time consuming to duplicate
via traditional methods, resulting in the
ability to provide visually stimulating
pieces that can be enjoyed for a lifetime ---Paul

Tribute to the work of Jon Anderson, the original and only voice of YES

classic Cuts™ Collection
Dedicated to some of the worlds's most iconic guitar shapes ever designed ---Paul

LP, 30x30

roadDog™ Collection
It's an infatuation with road worn guitars exposed to the elements

of Mother Nature, time and bar fights that has fueled my desire to capture
an abstraction of these instruments using a traditional medium
creating the roadDog™ Collection --Paul

THE CAJUN, 30x30
A tribute to Joe Bonamassa's 1955 Gibson Les Paul

The ever growing roadDog™ Collection pays tribute to many of the iconic
guitars made famous by the very players themselves, embedded in our minds,
regardless if you are a super fan or not.  My current works:

PAMAMA, Van Halen
LUCY, George Harrison
TRIGGER, Willie Nelson
COURTNEY, Kurt Cobain
BLUE, Billy Joe Armstrong
TELE61, Andy Summers
CONCORDE, Randy Rhoads
VALENTINE, Kevin Shields
6120, Brian Setzer
OLD BOY, Tony Iommi
OLD BLACK, Neil Young
BUDOKAN, Ace Freeley
MACHINE, Richie Blackmore
BLACKIE, Eric Clapton


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