[ updated 10.15.18  ]

My latest finished piece,
still untitled, is a tribute
roadDog abstract dedicated
to Andy Summer's 1961
sunburst Fender Telecaster.
24x24 acrylic on canvas.

I was lucky enough to
see the Police but only
once, right after their
release of Synchronicity
in 1983. 

The Fixx and
Flock of Seagulls
opened the
My first Fender guitar
was a used blonde
Telecaster with a
broken Bigsby.

Everybody in town
had their turn with her.
A year later, I traded
it in for a new sunburst

I'd give about
anything to
have it
Gibson SG
as my

acrylic on

If I can't cop a
creative buzz
in this town ...

Cali Rocks


Releasing RED,
a few
of my early roadDog™
pieces created as I worked
through the road worn
guitar abstract
A new limited edition
ROCK THE AGES Collection
release coming
in 2018.
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Competitive air guitar began in the United States in 2003. The first US Air Guitar Championships included just two regional competitions, in New York and Los Angeles, with the national championship taking place
in Los Angeles. David "C-Diddy" Jung won the competition, becoming the first ever US Air Guitar Champion and earning a spot in the World Air Guitar Championships. At the World Championships, C-Diddy emerged victorious, becoming the first American to
win the title of World Air Guitar Champion.

My involvement began on September 9, 1998 when I registered the URL, airguitar.com. The rest is history and documented in my
photo rockumentary, "And Then She Rocked Me". Artwork soon to be released ---Paul

first Edition, 2

second Edition

The second edition of "Under the Influence --the history of paulGuitars" is now shipping with each piece of the roadDog™ Collection.
The coffee table book is customized to reflect each piece of the collection.
Two thousand-nineteen will be a definite departure from the music world, THE NUMB3RZ Collection is a new expression
of love for our magical attraction and association with numbers.

2 0 1 9   s t r u m G a l l e r y ,   " H a n g   w i t h   C o o l   A r t . "