Paul Thatcher, a reckless guitar slinger since
the seventh grade, has been obsessed with the distortion that can be teased out of a
single coil pickup and stack of magical boxes.  As British rockers were invading the
hearts, minds and radios across America, his musical pallet was developing and
vulnerable to the intoxicating hooks, licks and grooves of the time.

"Inspiration is like the common cold.  You don’t usually see it coming,
and then bam . . .   it hits you."

The universe that Paul draws upon for inspiration has evolved over the last forty years:  party
many garage rock bands, experiencing the British music invasion and countless hours hangin'
in shops and clubs famous for their musical heritage.  Moved by Peter Max's unfettered use of
color and bold
lines, Warhol’s selection of iconic subject matter, Paul sets out to impart his visual
spin on the instrument
that has rocked the world.  The visual equivalent of creating a catchy tune.

Prior to discovering
his musical bent, Paul solicited the talents and tutelage of the late Adirondack
artist Ray
Jackman.  Paul has been creating art ever since Crayola expanded their selection
to sixty-four colors. 
As a reflection of the times, Paul works to capture the vibe
of the
guitar hero generation.

"Some guitars were not meant to be played

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