neoClassic rocker and reckless guitar slinger since the seventh grade, THE BRILL has been obsessed with  the distortion that can be teased out of a single coil pickup and stack of magical boxes. As British rockers were invading the hearts, minds and radios across America, his musical pallet was developing and vulnerable to the intoxicating hooks, licks and groovesof the time.

The universe that THE BRILL draws upon for inspiration has evolved over the last fifty years: party to many garage rock bands, experiencing the British music invasion and countless hours hangin' in shops and clubs famous for their musical heritage.

02.14.18 THE BRILL's debut LP, "Love & Money", was released on iTunes.
He is currently pulling together an all female bankline of English rockers based out of London to support UK touring efforts. Please grab a listen and stand by.

THE BRILL's releases "Don't Wake Up the Sun" EP on iTunes.

07.02.18 THE BRILL now on Spotify™.  New LP, "FEARLESS" in the works, mid 2019 release planned.

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